The Roof

The reception area is the starting point of your stay. The helpful and trained staff will satisfy your requests and will help you in terms of your stay and your acquaintance with the city of Rethymnon. On the same level with the reception is also the main restaurant, the entrance to the pool area, the safe units and the luggage room.

Coffee & Breakfast

Enjoy your favorite coffee with a spectacular view, of Rethymno old town, from above. Sweet or savory, healthy brunch and unique flavors combinations are expecting you to try them from 08:00 o’ clock.


Classics or signatures, apperitivo or Mocktails. Whatever you wish, you can find it on our brand new menu. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail every hour of the day, especially during the afternoon hours with the unique sunset.


The roof highrise bar offers you a wide range of wines that will satisfy every taste of yours. Red or White, Dry or semi-sweet, sparkling or not, we offer you the chance to choose between 32 unique options. Accompany your wine with a perfectly matched side dich for a better wine experience.


With a variety of 143 different bottles in our bar collection, we offer you a wide range of choice. With constant training and education we can choose together your drink and the perfect combination that suites your flavors.