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Rethymno is located in the heart of Crete, one of the most picturesque places in Greece. In Rethymno the visitor can discover Psiloritis mount as well as the blue Cretan sea. There are traces of ancient civilizations dating back 4500 years with numerous byzantine churches and monasteries, venetian monuments and the best preserved Renaissance- period town in Greece. Also endless beaches, caves, gorges and unique species of flora and fauna await for you.


Rethymno and the villages around it are a “living” post card, where one can smell the Cretan cuisine and hear the Cretan lira.


People harmonically co-exist with nature away from the codes of the city life. Wherever you go , even in the most remote villages, people will welcome you and offer raki and their friendship.


Rethymno is the hometown of Zeus, the god of hospitality. The great number of repeating guests confirms the poet’s word “Rethymno is not a place you go to but a place where you return ”


This town is our alternative suggestion for your holidays and we invite you to discover it.




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